Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best and Worst of Parenting

Some of this week's bests and worsts moments.

1. Listening to Lyla sing! She can pick up little snippets of songs she likes, and she has started going "A, B, C, D... A, B, C, D...."

2. Lyla has started entertaining herself a lot more and for a lot longer. This means I can do some housework, or more likely, rest on the couch for a bit. I feel like this is so important with another baby on the way! I just love watching her work hard at something on her own or come up with a new way to do something!

3. Lyla has always been very in tune with people's emotions, and if she thinks you're sad (and you aren't a bearded stranger), she will give you a big, big hug. Sometimes a kiss. Today I was feeling sick and lying on the couch. Lyla kept saying, "Up mommy!" And I told her I felt ouchie and if she built something with her blocks I would feel better, just to buy myself some more lay down time. She got her blocks out and built me... I'm not sure.. but something that was "pretty" and lived in the "ocean!" And then she said "feel better!" It was so cute! And she is always hugging her stuffed animals and making sure they're okay! It's so sweet!

4. Yesterday Lyla and I baked cookies!!! She had so much fun and was such a great little helper! She dumped in the ingredients and stirred them up! She even tried to ball up the dough, but she just started flinging it everywhere because she couldn't get the dough off her fingers. Overall, a fun and messy experience! She was so proud to eat some later! "Baked it mommy!"

1. We're in a hitting phase! It's hard when your child isn't playing nice. She gets overwhelmed easily, and if she's tired, she will be more likely to hit.

2. Carrying Lyla around in the awful heat on my big belly. Talk about uncomfortable. And it seems like the more I'm carrying, the more persistent Lyla is about being carried! If I don't have anything else, she is totally fine with walking.

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 Weeks & Remembering to be Thankful

I sometimes read a pregnancy board for women due in October 2012. It is rarely helpful, as it has really turned into lunch room, middle school drama. I won't get into it, but imagine 15,000 hormonal, pregnant women with nothing in common, aside from being pregnant, hashing it out over every little thing ever.

Anyway, one thing that I'm constantly reminded of from this board is to be THANKFUL for every day I am lucky enough to carry my baby girl in my belly. So many miscarriage announcements, so many premature labor announcements... It is easy to sit around and complain about my aching butt and back, or moan about how I thought my nausea went away 10 weeks ago.... and then I see a posting on the board about how a mommy delivered her baby at 23 weeks and held her baby girl until she took her final breath.  These announcements make me emotional for hours, but more than that, they remind me that every day I am pregnant is a blessing. Each day, our baby grows a little bit more, has a better chance at life.  So even though some days can be difficult, I am trying to complain less and remember to enjoy the beautiful thing that it is to bring a baby into this world!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Lyla at 22 Months!

I feel like Lyla has grown up a lot in the past month. She can put more and more words together, and she imitates just about everything we say. If it's a bigger word, she'll often say "hard" before she tries it out.

We have seen a lot of social development this month as well. Generally she takes a LONG time to warm up to other kids and especially other adults. Now, she will approach other kids in the park on her own. She likes to hug them, hold their hands and play chase. If a kid is running away, she'll often look back at me and say "Get 'im" or "Chase 'im!" She will still push or swipe at a kid on occasion, but I think we're growing out of that phase!

She can recognize several letters of the alphabet. Yesterday we drove by Macy's, and I hear her go "S"! She also recognized the M and the Y!

She also did her first watercolor painting the other day! It is quite beautiful :) We are so proud of our little girl every day!

The other day, she picked out a book, brought it to me and said, "Share.... baby!" I thought maybe I misunderstood this word combo, but then she lifted up my shirt, opened up the book, "read" a page ("yoyoyoyo"), and then shut the book. She pulled my shirt back down over my belly and said "Nigh nigh!" It was the sweetest thing ever! I know she doesn't THINK it will be fun to have a baby in the house, but she is going to be such a great big sister!

Next up on the Lyla front... Potty training! Here we go!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lyla Bee Update

Lyla is 21 Months Old!

She likes puppies and monkeys, any kind of fruit (but especially mangoes), talking on the phone, going to the beach, the pool (poyol, as she says)... Dora, Diego, Boots, Swiper, Benny, Tico, Isa, and any other Dora related character... She likes numbers, letters, and puzzles. She likes to watch us write names of people, and silly words that she makes up, like munomor, dapdapar and gamganar. She likes pulling apart her PB&J and eating the jelly with her finger. She likes making a MESS. She likes to be "safe" so she likes having sunscreen on and being buckled.  She likes for everyone to be happy, and if she thinks you are sad, you will get a BIG HUG!

She dislikes being told "No!" Sand is weird, and grass kind of is, too. Potatoes are yucky. She doesn't like it when you use a word for something that she is NOT currently using (i.e. something in SPANISH). This is a real conversation that took place yesterday:

Lyla: Table
Me: Mesa
Lyla: No.. table.
Me: Mesa
Lyla: No!
Me: Mesa!
Lyla: No.. table! Better!
Me: Mesa!!!
Lyla: NO!
Etc etc.
Me: Ok, table.
Lyla: Yea!! ........... Mesa.

She is a stinker.

Our stinker is using more than one word at a time now, more and more often! Today she said, "Mommy draw." She often adds "her" or "him" to other words... like "color her." She can say "One more song!" "One more thing!" "Candy in there!" Every time she combines words, I feel all giddy and proud! I just can't imagine her speaking full sentences, but I can't wait for her to say some of those hilarious sentences that only children can think up.

Also, Lyla's thoughts on being a big sister.

Me: Lyla, are you going to be a big sister?
Lyla: No
Me: Do you want to have a baby in the house?
Lyla: No!
Me: Lyla, are you going to share with the baby?
Lyla: No.
Me: Lyla, do you think the baby will like this toy?
Lyla: Lyla!
Me: Oh, Lyla likes the toy?
Lyla: yea!

Monday, June 4, 2012

22 weeks!

22 Weeks Pregnant with Lyla Soo (Shrimpy)

22 Weeks!