Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kallan is ONE!

Oh my, I seem to have forgotten how fast babies turn into toddlers. The other day, Kallan was up later than Lyla (because she was working on a massive poo, in case you were wondering ... surely you were), and I was just shocked at how much older she was acting already. At the time, she was trying to put a ball on top of the armrest on our couch. It is slightly slanted so it kept rolling down to her feet. She would say, "Uh-oh!" and try again. Eventually I moved her over to the lower area of the couch to see if she would put it on there... she wasn't interesting in doing that. Then I gave her the wrong color ball, and she tossed it.  I was so amazed, watching her determination, as she tried over.. and over.. and over.


 Kallan's personality just cracks me up. She is very sweet and gives non-stop hugs and kisses. She absolutely loves music! Maybe this is weird to say about a one-year-old, but I would even say she is passionate about music. She dances all the time, and she dances with her whole body. Erik says she "dances furiously." She is not interested in the TV at all, unless there is a song on... she will drop whatever she is doing, scurry over to stand right in front of the TV and proceed to bop and wiggle until the song ends. As I said, she is a very sweet, little baby, but she easily becomes FURIOUS and throws little baby tantrums when she doesn't get her way. If Lyla takes a toy from her, she will chase her down and head butt her! Not going to lie, it's a little bit hilarious.

She is a bit picky. Bottles have to be piping hot. There should definitely not be milk mixed in. Milk in general is ick. Bananas are thrown to the ground. And if you give her a food that she does not like, she will let you know that she is not happy about it!

What else to say?? She says: mama, dada, baba, uh-oh, ba (ball), dat (that), and possibly "get it." Also possibly Yaya (Lyla). Possibly "all done." It's hard to say sometimes. But even when she isn't using real words, she is constantly telling us stories. Her favorite word by far is "dat" and is pointing non-stop and saying "dat" to get over to see something. She loves to explore and check things out.

She took her first steps on September 30. Right now she can take 3 or 4 wobbly ones on her own. I'm so excited because she is getting heavy for me to be carrying around all the time (yep, I'm weak). She pretends to make calls on her toy phone. She will "brush" her hair with a brush. She gives kisses and signs "more" and "all done." All in all, she is just getting too grown up, too fast. Can't wait to see her hilarious little personality shine through more and more.

Lyla has been having so much fun playing with Kallan lately. Kallan follows her around everywhere, and sometimes Lyla loves it, sometimes she hates it. I'm sure she'll have similar sentiments all through high school! But Lyla calls her, "My baby," "My googers," or "sweetheart." She loves to hug and kiss her, although a little too forcefully for Kallan's liking. She likes to crawl around with her, and the other day she said, "Kallan I really like doing things with you!" Another time she said, "Kallan come back, I don't want to be without you!" Then five minutes later she was saying, "Kallan, you CAN'T come in here with me!!" and slamming the door in Kallan's face. Ah, true sisters.