Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kallan: 8 Months

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. Our building got hit by lightning some time ago, and our internet has not been working. On top of that, Lyla got out of bed one morning and went and mashed on the keyboard, and of course, half the keys are broken. Nothing important, just the period, apostrophe and enter buttons. Any period you see here has been pasted, and I guess this will be one huge run on paragraph of a blog post. EDIT* Ok I went back and copy and pasted spaces in. Might be time for a new computer. . .

 Sleep: Kallan has been sleeping about the same, usually getting up once or twice a night. I sort of, accidentally started us on bed-sharing during a teething episode as I was too tired to rock her any longer. I put her down with us in bed, and lo and behold, she magically fell asleep on her own. So she has been sleeping with us for the past month, and I really love it so much, but we have started moving her back to her bed for at least the start of the night. Napping has been much better, thanks to a white noise stuffed animal from my sister-in-law.

Milestones: Sitting unassisted like a pro now! And she is a babble machine, full of mamas, the occasional dada, lots of blah blah and nah nah. She has become a noisy little baby, and she can really yell! No interest in getting up and crawling or anything like that. No complaints here!

Feeding: So far peas and green beans are a favorite, also squash and sweet potatoes. Basically veggies = yay, fruit = yuck. Silly girl, just wait until she has some local peaches!!!!!

Ups: Seeing more and more of her little personality every day. Kallan is a little snuggle machine and mommys girl to the extreme. She is quite social and doesnt mind strangers too much so far. Mornings have been amazing lately. I wake up to see her sleeping next to me and Lyla climbing into bed with us, dragging her pillow and blanket along with. Those are the moments where I am reminded how blessed I am to wake up and see both my girls first thing in the morning... on the other hand I am usually also very tired :). Things feel a bit easier now that Kallan can sit on her own. Lyla brings her toys to play with, so I can get a couple of other things done while both girls are entertained. Kallan loves to watch her sister run around, Lyla makes her laugh so easily! I think Lyla has more fun with her now, too, now that she is becoming more of a little person rather than a rolly, cute blob.

Downs: I would really like for Kallan to sleep through the night, of course! But oh well! Someday! It is kind of tough because Lyla started sleeping 12 hours straight through the night early on and never went back. I dont want to compare, but Im kinda like uhhh why cant you do that! (Sorry for the lack of apostrophes, it kind of hurts to look at that past sentence). Other than that, I think things are going really well now, I think we have got the hang of things at home. Of course, now that Ive said that, something will happen to completely throw a wrench into our routine.