Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kallan 2 Month Pics

A few of pictures of Kallan on her 2 month birthday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

2 Months

Sorry for the lack of posts. Lyla did something to my computer that I can't figure out how to fix, and it makes doing anything on it a pain. But I thought I'd better post a 2-month update.

We're enjoying more awake time now. Kallan loves to talk, talk, talk!! She is cooing like crazy these days. She'll look right at you, give a big smile and then a big "goo." She's so happy, and she is letting us know, it's a great feeling! Another "up" would be that she no longer hates baths; in fact she kind of likes them! Spit-ups are less frequent, sleep is easier to come by.  If Kallan is fussing, I sometimes try to feed her, and she isn't hungry. When this happens, she looks at me out of the corners of her eyes and gives me a sly, little smirk. "Haha gotcha Mommy!" All in all, a good month.

The only down this month is that Lyla and Kallan seem to wake each other up at 6 am. Why so early?!? I'm not sure if Lyla wakes up to Kallan's crying or if Kallan wakes up to Lyla via the monitor. Either way, it's too early.

At night we get a 4.5-5 hr stretch, followed by a couple 3 hr stretches, with the occasional 3.5-4. Sleep is getting less and less interrupted, and I am definitely feeling the benefits of longer sleep during the day.

Kallan had her first social smile just after she turned 1 month. At 8 weeks, she started following objects with her eyes. The iPhone is a favorite for this. Kids and technology, am I right? And still strengthening those neck muscles!

milk, the red mushroom on the bouncy chair, the changing table, smiling, talking, staring at faces, Lyla, kicking like crazy, close snuggles with Daddy, being pat on the bottom

Wet diapers, long car rides, hats, being held too much, tummy time

We had her two month appointment yesterday. Kallan weighed in at 11 lb 5 oz and is 21.5 inches long, just a bit smaller than her big sister was at this age. She is on the short side, but kind of chunky hehe. Just the way a baby should be! The receptionist called her Kay-lin, and then the nurse kept calling her a 'he.' I did have her in a blue blanket and a blue hat... but I mean, girls like blue, too, right?! Kallan was awake and happy the whole time, giving lots of smiles and coos to the nurses. They just thought she was so beautiful. She barely even fussed when we weighed and measured her.  The doctor came in and checked her out. Everything looked great, and he commented on how active she was. She didn't want to be held, but was happily laying on the table, kicking her arms and legs. He said he thought she'd be an "on-the-go" kind of baby. So then the vaccination part. This was the first time I had gone to the vaccination appointment without Erik. He was always there to hold Lyla while I cried and covered my eyes in the corner. I am a wimp when it comes to shots for myself, but for a baby, it's about 10 times worse. I almost defected to the anti-vaccination camp for the day, but I decided to hold strong. First Kallan got an oral immunization, which she thought was gross and started crying. It was so sad because she had been so happy the whole time and then it was like... "Why are you doing this time?!" Then she had three shots, and she screamed and got extremely red in the face. I was crying and the nurses were chatting to me nonchalantly so I would feel better I think. Anyway, I don't know why people say it gets easier over time, because it really doesn't. I attempted to feed her afterwards, but that just made her more upset. I gave her "Giraffey" the pacifier, and she fell asleep. UGH. It was NOT fun, and hopefully I won't have to handle vaccinations alone anymore.

These 2 months have really flown by! So far I've noticed some differences between the two girls. Lyla never seemed to notice if she had a wet or even poopy diaper. Kallan gets very vocal and upset about wet diapers. Lyla would pout out her bottom lip when she was sad, and Kallan sucks hers in. Both faces are equally sad.  Kallan loves the changing table... when she fusses and we're not sure what's wrong, we set her on there and she is happy. Lyla was the same way. Interesting. Must be quite a view from up there.

I'll try to post some pictures when my computer is fixed!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a great Halloween this year! On Saturday, we went downtown where many of the stores were passing out candy. It was crazy busy though, but Lyla had a lot of fun. She loved looking at the other costumes, too. Here's our Lyla princess!

And Kallan in her Totoro hat made by Grandma! Totoro was one of my favorite movies growing up. Whenever we'd visit my Grandma up north, we would walk downtown, rent Totoro and get smiley face cookies! I kind of want this hat for myself...

Halloween day! Lyla was very excited about her "special Halloween shirt" from Mormor. She was especially excited that Kallan had one, too! While Kallan was still asleep, she carried around Kallan's onesie saying, "Bring it to her... when she wakes up!"

Trick or Treat!

Lyla had so much fun, I was glad we braved the nasty weather to go out for a little bit. Then we came home, had a treat and some hot chocolate! A great day!

Best Halloween costumes: Downtown we saw two girls in boxes, dressed as dice. They were about to go in a building and one girl said, "Let's roll in!" How are kids so witty?! Also, Erik showed me a picture of someone dressed us Dumble-Dora. Yep, that's Dora with a long, gray beard and glasses. I could not stop laughing! 

Worst Halloween costume: Okay someone dressed their 3 year old as Chucky, complete with a bloody toy dagger. He stabbed Erik in the leg, and tried to get in our stroller to get Kallan! A bit creepy.