Thursday, February 27, 2014

17 Months / 3.5 YEARS

Wow, I haven't blogged in forever! And I'm only blogging now because I should be studying for my exam tomorrow... and I am really trying to avoid doing that. Ugh. I am feeling a little burnt out in the school department this semester. I won't get into it. Can I just nap instead of going to class?!

So what's new with us?

Kallan Marie is 17 months old now. She is learning so many things, so many words, and she is just keen to explore non-stop. Anything Lyla is doing, she wants to be doing, too.  She talks all the time and is building up quite a vocabulary. I love when she says, "sissy," "Owie (unless she is really hurt)," "baby," and "mmhmm!" She was become obsessed with Lyla's American Girl baby doll. That thing freaks me out.. and now I have it staring me in the face when I'm rocking, nursing, or simply relaxing on the couch... Yikes.

I think Kallan's favorite activity is eating. She has been a great eater but is starting to get a bit more picky. She loves blueberries ("boobies".. hehe) and meat, but I think pretzels are her all-time favorite food.

She has found her favorite show in the world... "The Fresh Beat Band," which was Lyla's favorite at this age, too. She calls it "Lala" and she will find the TV remote, bring it to me, say Lala!, and then go plop on the couch for some quality tube time. If I say "No!" then she immediately says, "Dodo?" (Dora).

But of course, the biggest piece of news is that we are going ahead with eye surgery for Kallan. In less than a week!. I'll probably write about this later. Maybe.

So Lyla... 3 and a half years old! How does this happen? We just visited a preschool with her, and it's amazing how much more social she is and independent. She was chatting up the teachers and other kids, and really excited about all the activities they had planned.

As always, she is always such an amazing big sister. I love when Kallan wakes up from nap, Lyla always says... "I'd better go check on baby sis." and then she goes, "Good morning Kallan! Up? Up? Do you want up? Oh I see, oh I see!" I will say that they are developing a typical love/hate sister relationship quite quickly. They are hugging and kissing each other one second, and screaming in each other's faces the next!

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates. Please be thinking of us this week as we get ready for the surgery!

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