Sunday, November 10, 2013

Long Overdue Update!

Okay so first of all, I've been neglecting my DSLR in favor of my iPhone. Ummm, not okay, and I will be making a point to start working on my photography again! But for now, here's an iPhone pic.

I don't know about you other moms, but daylight savings is kicking our butt this year. Lyla is sick so her sleep schedule is all wonky anyway, but we are getting up early, staying up late, and getting up at odd hours of the night. And yet, here I sit, updating my blog at 12:30 am. We never learn, do we???

So Kallan is 13 months now, and I think people say this about every age, but I really think this is my favorite age. Every time she says or does something new, I'm positively giddy! I just remember how exciting it was when Lyla's words started snowballing and snowballing... and now she says stuff like, "It really hurts my feelings when you say I can't have teddy bears now." Now she's telling us little stories about things she remembers (always starting with yesterday, even if it was this morning or months ago)! And now when Lyla says something new, it's fun, usually funny, amazing really... but this age, this beginning stage of talking, is where it all begins. And I said earlier, I am just GIDDY!

I made a list of Kallan's words and some protowords (wow, my SLP classes are actually relevant to my life, whaddya know!) so here they are:

Mama, dada, ba (ball... also up), up (occasionally), boo (indicates something she wants), buh (book), buh mo mo (brown mono... Lyla's lovey that Kallan is now obsessed with, too), no-no (no), dat (that... definitely her favorite word).

Some other things I want to remember from this age:
- Kallan has a couple books that are her absolute favorites.. "Global Babies" and "What's Up Duck?" In "What's Up Duck?" when I say, "heavy" (it's a book of opposites), Kallan makes grunting noises, like she's lifting something up. I have no idea where she got that!
- She is babbling non-stop! Well... I guess technically she is using "jargon." Am I boring you with my new SLP knowledge yet??? Anyway, non-stop talking! She can get her point across!
- She is a goof! She likes to act like she is going to feed you something, and then right before it gets to your mouth, she eats it! She cracks up laughing! Sometimes, she will be just entertaining herself and will start laughing. I love it!
- "I love how she crawls like a jolly dinosaur." - Erik. Yes, she crawls like a jolly dinosaur. I have yet to catch this phenomenon on film. Hopefully video to come soon.
- Her lovey is a blankie, and when she sees it, she loves to go smoosh her face in to it and snuggle with it. She is just a big snuggler and really loves to hug and play with baby dolls... really anything soft.
- She likes to bring Lyla her brown mono... well now she has started trying to keep brown mono for herself. This has negatively affected sisterly relations.

And that's all I can think of now.

So Lyla... what's she up to? This age is so much fun, too. Lyla has such a great memory and imagination. She is so curious, always exploring and creating. And she's always listening - something we have to watch out for sometimes.

Things to remember:
- Lyla has some "friends" that she calls the Jingseya's
- She loves Kallan so much, and loves to hug and be around Kallan all the time. Kallan usually gets mad.
- She can spell her whole name.. she thinks of it as one word, and she recently got upset with me when I tried to tell her about her first, middle, and last name, and how they are separate.
- Lyla can "read" several books and can recognize a lot of words. If I ask her which word says "Ball," she can guess by which letter it starts with.
- If I say something like, "You might be cold if you don't wear a jacket," she lifts her hand and says, "No no, mommy, I'll be fiiiiiine."

Smart, sweet, sensitive, as always.

Also, sorry for the lack of posting, but school has me busy out of my mind at the moment. I am loving every minute of it, though! First of all, I'm so glad to be with other people, not talking about babies. I mean, I love getting together with moms to chit-chat/whine about our lack of sleep or getting spit up on or pooped on. But it's nice to go to class and talk about ... anything but babies really. Unless we are in Language Development, where we were talking about babies for about half the semester. By the way, now whenever Lyla says something, I catch myself thinking, "Oh she is using a contractible copula." and other really nerdy things like that. 

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